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In a previous article, we talked about the importance of instilling a strong culture within your business, and how this can enhance the experience for your client and give your company a real shot in the arm. This time round, we’re going to be talking about the positive effect that a specifically innovative culture can have on your business, and who feels the benefits.

But first, what do we mean by innovative culture? It’s a term that’s difficult to pin down, but it’s something that almost every business tries to achieve –  some with more success than others. The notion of an innovative culture is essentially a fecund environment that encourages creative, out of the box thinking at every level within an organisation. This is effective as the next great idea could come from anywhere. But it’s difficult to put in place as companies have to answer that million dollar question: How to instil an innovative culture in business.

Fortunately, we’re not here to discuss that particular topic today. Instead we’re looking at which groups can benefit from an innovative culture in the first place, and maybe from reading this you’ll get a few ideas of your own about how to instil innovation into your business.

The Customer

First of all, let’s look at an obvious benefactor of an innovative culture: The customer. The ideas that your team and company could create if given the right environment will ultimately trickle down to the services or products you create, ultimately enhancing them. This is great news for your clients! Furthermore, an innovative company often drives the entire industry forward, challenging competition to innovate too, which again ends up resulting a better and more often more memorable customer experience.

The Team Members

The majority of studies that have been done into innovative culture in business have shown that team members gain so much from working in that kind of environment. The freedom-within-boundaries environment that the strong and well defined culture allows them not only means they’re more likely to be thinking outside the box, generating loads of great ideas, it also means that they feel valued and motivated in their work. It’s one of the most effective ways of boosting job satisfaction while at the same time improving employee retention. And as we discussed in the article on the importance of a strong culture in business, happy employees result in better customer service and fewer headaches for the business owner.

The Owner

And so, it ultimately comes back to the business owner and how much they can gain from an innovative culture in their business. Of course, the happy clients and customers that will come about from producing such a culture is an obvious gain, but besides that it means that the onus of coming up with new ways to approach business doesn’t just fall on the people at the top of the pile. This will result in an environment where the owner is less stressed, more free to be exploratory in business, and manage a team that are pulling together in the same innovating direction.


So, now that we can see how an innovative culture can benefit everyone related to your business, the next question to ask is how to go about creating an environment where the next great idea that could change your company could come from anywhere?

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