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There are plenty of practical steps that business owners and managers need to follow in order to set up and run a successful business. However, one of the more difficult and less tangible concepts to grasp is that of culture. The culture of your business is apparent with every interaction, from the point of delivery with customers all the way down to how senior managers communicate. And your culture is easy to spot, by staff and customers alike.

You can spot a company with a good, solid culture a mile off. Their operations will be ever-improving; there will be both a reliable consistency and an ever-present human feel to the way the business operates; and communications will be warm, authentic and friendly.

Likewise, it’s pretty easy to see when a company has a bad culture, and more often than not, the inconsistency that results will scare away potential customers before they’ve even walked through the door.

Here at The Physio Co, one of the key components to our culture is alignment – making sure that our core purpose and core values are communicated and lived by everyone, everyday. For example, our core purpose is to help seniors stay mobile, safe and happy. By obsessing over this short reason as to why our business exists and making sure that every team member is aligned to this purpose in the way they act and communicate, we deliver a quality service that clients recognise and appreciate.

The reality is that aligning your team to an easy-to-remember core purpose and a set of simple core values to establish a strong company culture is a win-win-win scenario. For a start, it’s good for your team as your business’ core purpose and core values will provide them with a freedom-within-boundaries environment to guide them so that they can excel everyday. If your team are well trained and clear on what they’re doing, their delivery of your service will likley be top rate. And ultimately this is good for you, the business owner because you’ll likely have created happy customers. A happy team and customers means fewer headaches and issues for you to iron out, allowing you to focus on the important things in business outside of day-to-day management and fire fighting.

So, how do you go about setting up a fantastic culture? It’s easy to talk about having an aligned team everyone understands, but what steps do you need to go through in order to turn it into a reality?

The bottom line is, everything in your business drips down from the business owner. If you’re not clear as to what your core purpose and core values are, it’s unlikely that your team will be, and certainly not your clients. Write a list of what you’re trying to achieve with your business. What really matters to you? Is it providing a warm, friendly service, or offering the highest quality in your industry? Perhaps your main concern is being innovative and setting yourself apart from the competition.

Once you’re clear on these questions, you can start weaving them into the fabric of your business. You can start by making sure that everyone in your team is aware of them. Talk about your core, write about your purpose, share stories of people living your core values.  And don’t be afraid to communicate these values to your customers too. Share your story. Tell everyone who’ll listen what your purpose in business is and why it’s important to you personally.

Ingraining your culture into every aspect of your business will take time. You’ll need to approach it from many different angles, and wait for it to resonate deeply with your team, customers and even yourself. However, the rewards are certainly worth it, and in the long run you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t do it sooner.

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