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Limited Registration

Are you an overseas-qualified physiotherapist who has already settled in Australia?  We’d love to hear from you.  We have physios from various parts of the world including France, India and Korea, and are a part of what makes our culture a great one!

As part of our limited registration team members you will receive great support through your registration process, we understand it’s a challenging time and we’re there with you every step! We even have a monthly study group just for you and all our limited registered physiotherapists in which you will be paid to attend. In this session you go through mock exams together with one of our physiotherapist who has passed her AHPRA registration.

Please do not apply if you are applying before arriving in Australia. We only take candidates who have settled in the location they have applied for.

Not sure about the registration process? Below is some detail to help you out.

What are the Registration Requirements?

The mandatory registration standards are listed below.

Refer to the Registration Standards of the relevant health profession for full details of the requirements for health practitioners and students. Some National Boards also have additional registration standards, codes and guidelines.

1. Criminal history

(Applicable to health practitioners and students.)

Specific factors are considered to determine whether the criminal history of health practitioners is relevant to the practice of their profession.

An international criminal history check will be required in circumstances where an applicant declares that they have resided in a country, other than Australia, for a period exceeding 6 months when aged 18 years of age or more or if a applicant or practitioner has declared a criminal history in a jurisdiction outside of Australia.

It is the responsibility of the applicant or practitioner to request and pay for this service through an AHPRA approved supplier.

For further information, please refer to the International criminal history checks page.

2. English language skills

(Applicable to health practitioners applying for registration.)

All applicants must be able to demonstrate English language skills at IELTS academic level 7 or equivalent (7.5 for Pharmacy). Test results from examinations will generally need to be obtained within two years prior to applying for registration.

3. Professional indemnity insurance arrangements

(Applicable to health practitioners.)

All practitioners require appropriate professional indemnity insurance (PII) to the level as specified by their National Board.

4. Continuing professional development

(Applicable to health practitioners with a practicing registration)

All practitioners must participate in activities that assist in maintaining and improving competence in their health profession, as determined by their National Board.

5. Recency of practice

(Applicable to health practitioners applying for registration.)

All practitioners must have undertaken a certain number of hours of practice, as specified by their National Board, within preceding years of registration.

In order to work under supervision at The Physio Co, you will need to hold a valid:

  • interim certificate.
  • Australian Drivers licence and car
  • AHPRA registration
  • Police Check-aged care specific.

What is involved in the AHPRA process?

To find out more please check the AHPRA Website.

Stage 1: Application

When the hardcopy application form or online renewal form is submitted, it is reviewed internally for completeness.

Stage 2: Assessment

The supplied information is assessed against registration standards. At this stage the applicant may be required to supply further information or undergo various tests or examinations regarding competency or health issues. A recommendation is then made, which may be to register, register with conditions, or refuse.

If the application is straight forward and the recommendation is to register, a delegate of the Board may register the applicant without referring to the relevant National Board. Complicated cases will be referred to the National Board for resolution.

Stage 3: National Board Decision

The Board may accept the recommendation or take some other action. The Board’s decision will either be to register, register with conditions, or refuse the application.

Stage 4: Registration

Registration is finalised and relevant letters and certificates are prepared for the applicant.

Stage 5: Submission

If a National Board accepts the application with conditions or rejects the application, the applicant will be informed at this stage. The applicant may then elect to make a submission to the National Board.

Stage 6: Submission Assessment

Following Stage 5, the response from the applicant is considered and a final decision is made.

To find out more please check the AHPRA website.

Our benefits for you!

We understand the limited process is a long and hard journey for you. To help you through the process, we ensure you are:

  • well supported by providing you with an amazing supervisor
  • Provide numerous education sessions throughout the year to help you grow and develop
  • Once a month, we hold a limited registration group in which all our TPCers who are going through the process, get together to run through mock exams and complex cases with one of our senior physio’s who has successfully completed their AHPRA journey.

If this sounds like you, please call us today on 1300 797 793 or by email We would love to hear from you!

If you would like to know more about what it is like to work at The Physio Co, check out our very own TPC video and Culture Book.

‘It’s been 2 years now I am with the physio co, working under limited registration !! Since then I am studying to clear exams and get full registration !! This process is really very hard and stressful , the whole journey will take you through lots of ups and down . But working with The Physio Co takes away all my worries and stress at the same time with countless support of team leaders and whole company!!

Everyone is so helpful and understanding, feels good when they understand the stress we are going through and tend to give their maximum support as much as they can!!! I love being part of The Physio Co and committed to serve back after finishing the process for continual improvement and growth!!’
TPCer Supreet Juneja

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