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What does a typical day look like at TPC?

A ‘typical’ day at TPC might involve a combination of sessions at a facility, some time at an Aveo retirement village and seeing private clients, all with the goal of keeping seniors mobile, safe and happy. At a facility you’ll spend time responding to requests (mobility reviews, pain issues, falls reviews, equipment prescription) and assessing new residents, running exercise classes, educating staff or treating residents on the Chronic Pain Program. At an Aveo village you might be running exercise or hydrotherapy classes, and seeing residents in their own homes, facilitating education sessions and working with their community. Your day might even include going to treat a senior in their own homes.

Do you massage all day?

Massage is a part of our role as physiotherapists, as we’re all well aware of the therapeutic nature of touch, particularly in the Aged Care setting. We utilise massage in combination with exercise, mobilisation and education as part of our overall treatments which aim to reduce pain and promote function.

How many facilities will I be visiting per week?

This all depends on the amount of days you work and the needs within the area you have applied for. You will visit no more than two facilities per day and per week it could range from one-three facilities. We aim for our physios to work as close to home as possible.

I hear that you have to see up to 30 residents a day...

Most definitely not! The Physio Co realises that you need time to be able to connect with seniors to help them achieve their goals. Because of this, we never see more than 3 residents per hour during CPM, and you will likely see 1-2 clients per hour during your facility time.

I hear you lose your skills, is this true?

You’ll definitely lose some skills…there’s not a lot of sports injuries in aged care (although those bowls games can get pretty intense!), but you’ll develop your skills in managing more complex health conditions. You’ll need to use your clinical reasoning skills to navigate the complications that having a cognitive deficit has on recovery from a fractured NOF, or managing acute complications on top of underlying chronic illnesses. You’ll see cardio, neuro and music issues…sometimes all in the same resident! And your listening skills will definitely improve.

I hear Aged Care treatment is about maintenance not curing….

The majority of our work in aged care has a focus on maintenance, which can be a change in perspective from rehab or acute settings. It may seem like a small thing to us, but to our seniors the ability to maintain their independence in toileting or washing their own hair is massive. We have even had amazing stories in which our seniors have been told they could not walk again and after extensive physio, could walk to the toilet and back. This is what makes working with seniors so rewarding.

I have no exp in aged care, is this issue?

Not at all. We ensure we set all our physiotherapists up for success in their aged care career by providing them with adequate training which includes a welcome day in their honour as well as a two week period of shadowing time with an experienced physio to learn the ropes whilst providing numerous PD sessions throughout the year.

Do I get any training when I start?

Of course. We ensure you have the right tools to be a great TPCer and an effective physio in aged care. You have a welcome day at the Support office (which includes a delicious lunch in your honour) and then two weeks of shadowing time with an experienced physio learning how TPC and aged care work. During this time, you will also have equipment and manual handling training. But the learning doesn’t stop there as we offer 5 Learning events per year and subsidy for any external training you would like to do, as long as it is aged care and physio specific. The learning never stops!

Do I need a car/licence?

It is mandatory that you hold a valid Australian Drivers licence and own a car to ensure you can get between facilities during the day.

I am only looking for PT is this possible?

One of the many benefits of working for The Physio Co is our flexibility. We have TPCers who work 1 day to a full week. You let us know what you want to work.

Is there any career progression?

We have many clinical and non-clinical roles to progress through depending on your passions and abilities. You can progress to a facility captain, Team Leader or Successor or a Roving Team Leader. We’re a growing company and there are plenty of opportunities to progress your career.

I hear aged care can be boring?

There are definitely quieter days, but it’s not boring! We’re working with a diverse range of people who have a range of conditions…and we’re always looking to find a better way.

What are your hours?

Our working days are from 8-5pm, Monday to Friday. No weekends!

What are the benefits?

We offer many benefits at The Physio Co. Here are just a few:

  • A varied caseload that can include aged care, retirement and community care.
  • Flexibility with rosters-we fit into your life!
  • Lots of clinical and non-clinical support
  • Many opportunities to progress your career
  • An amazing team culture. In fact Australia’s #1 Best Place to Work 2014
  • We recognise our employees for the amazing work they do an every quarter they go in the running for our Most valued person awards (MVP)
  • We love to socialise, and have social reps for each area who get together once a month. We also celebrate in style with our Birthday Party, Christmas party and SWARM conference
  • We’ll also pay for your professional indemnity insurance
What is The Physio Co’s future look like?

Check out our Painted Picture! It is a snapshot into the future of The Physio Co – (Download your copy here)

How do I apply or who do I speak to for more information?

You can apply right here or alternatively you can call Jess on 1300 797 793

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