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A physiotherapist is an important member of the healthcare industry, but not everyone understands exactly what it is that we do. Simply put, physiotherapy helps treat things like pain, strains and sprains, rehabilitation after surgery, and more ongoing conditions like arthritis and diabetes.  We typically use exercise, massage, mobilisation and education to get you feeling better. We also help manage your health and do our best to reduce the need for medications and/or additional surgery.

However, the role of the physio goes far beyond just the physical aspects of wellbeing. We are caring, friendly and develop a professional yet personable relationship with our clients.

As such, there are plenty of emotional, mental and social benefits that come from our services. We help people in gaining more confidence, both in themselves and their bodies, by providing them with a safe environment for exercise and reliable advice. Clients can increase their stamina, energy and vitality, allowing them to better their lives in ways they couldn’t imagine. Physiotherapy can also provide a wonderful, safe space for socialisation through group sessions, where you can meet like-minded people with common interests, and even one-on-one sessions can feel just like a chat with an old friend.

As physiotherapists, we aim to achieve several outcomes from sessions, such as improving your quality of life, reducing pain and improving overall health. We work hard to support and maintain our clients’ ability to keep their independence by improving their endurance, strength and physical fitness. We provide our clients with an environment enriched with encouragement and motivation to be their best selves no matter their situation. As physiotherapists, we are trained to understand the needs of each individual, and with ongoing studies, research and technology we are able to provide clients with a personalized treatment based on your individual needs.

Physiotherapy can be beneficial for people of all ages, but it can be especially helpful for those well-deserved retirees. As we age, our bodies undergo changes that can negatively impact our quality of life, such as arthritis, poor mobility and balance, aches, pains and stiffness. While these changes are natural and very common, they can be difficult to deal with. Working alongside a physio helps you navigate these changes in the healthiest, most effective way possible. At TPC, we focus on keeping our clients mobile, safe and happy by tailoring every session to your individual needs. So, no matter what your current situation, health or physical fitness levels are, we will be able to assist you.

A common theme that we’ve noticed throughout years of practicing physiotherapy is that it doesn’t need to be intense to be effective. Take, for example, Liz, a client we’ve been working with.  Liz had a fall at home and went to the hospital for a few days to recover. Afterwards, she wasn’t able to get around as easy anymore and she was finding it hard to easily get up from sitting in her chair or off her bed.

After almost a year of this struggle, she got in touch with TPC, and one of physios worked with her to assess her situation and see what we could do to provide relief and rehabilitation. We realised Liz would benefit from some hands on treatment and re-learning exercises how to move in the best way possible. Through our sessions together, we were able to teach her how to sit forward in her chair, and support herself to stand up safely and confidently. Over time, she gained enough strength and endurance in her arms and legs that she could stand up out of her chair, and move herself out of bed easily with a smile!  Liz now has enough strength and fitness that her independence has really improved, and she’s feeling much more confident.

Another of our clients, Eileen, who was in her late 70s, wanted the ability to move around her house with ease like she had in the past. Our physio sessions with her involved going over those things she wanted to get better at, like getting the mail from the mailbox and walking the dog. As we practised gentle, functional movements and exercises together, she was able to gain the knowledge and confidence to move safely around her house, which gave her a new lease on life.

If physiotherapy is needed but not used, a person’s health and wellbeing can deteriorate and we might miss an opportunity to make the most of life. Physical conditions can grow worse over time, and mobility and balance can decrease. This can be avoided through physio, and it does not need to be something to fear. Sessions can be as simple as treatment in your own home and a stroll around your front garden with a qualified physiotherapist knowing that you’re in safe hands and you’re putting your health first.

Through physiotherapy, you can improve your life and and regain any loss of independence. If you think yourself or someone you know could benefit from physiotherapy, give us a call on 1300 797 797 to find out more.  You can also have a chat to your GP. But most importantly, take some action to put your health first. A short burst of physio could be the answer.

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