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At The Physio Co (TPC), we believe older people can stay mobile, safe and happy for as long as possible.

It’s something we’re really serious about. Indeed, it’s what drives us, it’s our reason for being.

At the same time, we love to smile and have some fun as we go about it.  A strong connection between TPC team members, our clients and often our clients’ families, is the way we go about our work.

Above is a photo of TPC physio, Tim, his dog Ziggy and 97-year- old client, Margaret.

Tim was regularly visiting Margaret for her physio sessions in an Adelaide retirement village. Together they’d set some health goals for Margaret to maintain her fitness, strength and balance through regular physio sessions. During the sessions, Tim not only helped Margaret achieve her goals, he found out that she absolutely loved dogs – she’d had a pet for most of her life – but not anymore.

So, on a long weekend, Tim, Ziggy and Tim’s girlfriend, Prue, jumped in the car and headed over to visit Margaret. They spent half an hour or so chatting with Margaret while she met, patted and played with Ziggy. They all loved it!

Simple gesture

This simple but generous gesture created plenty of smiles, laughs and a super-memorable weekend for Margaret.

This photo of Margaret, Tim and Ziggy is on the wall in our South Melbourne support office alongside hundreds of other pictures and memories that all tell a story of helping people to get back on their feet – and having fun while we do it. A quick look at these photos brings to life those special connections of Margaret and hundreds of others.

TPC team members are qualified health professionals, trained and supported to work with older people.

We use our knowledge, skills (and smiles!) to understand the needs and wants of our clients and often our client’s family. Once each client’s unique situation is understood, we create a plan and set some measurable goals to set us in the right direction.

Easy to understand approach

That’s when we get to work, together, usually with regular client appointments in wherever our client calls home. TPC physios use a straight forward, memorable and easy to understand approach to helping their clients.

A bit like a GP who might prescribe the smallest quantity of medication possible for the largest impact on their patient, TPC team members are trained to prescribe the minimum number of exercises for their clients to achieve the best outcome possible.

Why? Because we haven’t met many clients who want to do a long list of exercises for not much gain!

So, if you’re an older person who’d like to be more mobile, safe and happy – or you know someone that you think could benefit from working with The Physio Co team – please consider The Physio Co – we help older people and their families to set goals and work towards achieving them in aged care facilities, retirement villages an in their own homes. We’d love to help you and/or your family members too.


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