The Physio Co named one of Asia's best places to work in 2018

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It’s with a lot of pride I can announce that The Physio Co (TPC) has been listed as one of Asia’s 25 Best Small and Medium Workplaces for 2018. 

It’s the fourth consecutive year TPC has been named on the list. We have also been listed as one of Australia’s best places to work for nine years in a row.

There’s a pattern there! Pretty darn exciting for a little healthcare company from Melbourne!

Some information about the awards – the 2018 list was put together by the Great Place to Work Institute. Nine countries and some 1.46 million employees were involved in the process.

Big shout-out!

So a big shout-out to every single member of the TPC family who has contributed to building this strong place to work over the past 14 years, and especially the last year when have again grown fast.

Being acknowledged like this just underscores the importance of having a really clear vision as a business, as well as a commitment from everyone involved to build an inspiring workplace that lives the core values that guide us as a company.

This is great for team members, obviously, as they get to be part of a work environment that’s happy, vibrant, respectful and productive.

But it also benefits our clients. Having a large and growing team of physios and other healthcare professionals who love what they do and enjoy working alongside their colleagues obviously spins off in the work they do looking after clients in aged care facilities, retirement villages, and in people’s own homes.

Culture is everything

After being recognised many times for our workplace culture, we understand better than most that it doesn’t just happen.

It takes a lot of time and effort to nurture an inspiring place to work –  lots of planning, systemising (we call it ‘Culture Is Everything‘) and execution, over and over and over again.

Once more, a big thank you to every single member of the TPC family. Thank you for the work that you’ve all done in living the core values of The Physio Co, and in your dedication to helping Australian seniors stay mobile, safe, and happy.

We do our very best to speak from the heart and be a caring organisation, and say what it means to us, and that’s what I really appreciate from every single TPC team member.

– Tristan White, TPC’s Founder & CEO.

(Below is a Facebook live stream I did with our Ops Guy, Mike Quinn, announcing our listing as one of Asia’s 25 Best Small and Medium Workplaces for 2018.)

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