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What Our Grads Say

‘To be part of The Physio Co family is to feel valued. As a new grad, my confidence had not quite been established yet. Being part of TPC provides me with plenty of support and encouragement in my skills and seeks to develop me further. At TPC, we’re commended for doing even the smallest things because we recognise that one thing may have meant the world to someone else’

May-Ann Low, TPCer since 2012

‘The Physio Co has provided me with a friendly and supportive start to my physio career and have assisted me to develop as a Physiotherapist, making my transition from study to full time work a breeze. New Grads can look forward to working in aged care with friendly and caring staff to help them along the way. Working at The Physio Co has been an absolute ball!’

Gareth Parsons,TPCer since 2014

‘I started at TPC 6 months after I graduated. I was looking for part-time physio work, which was really hard to come by as a new grad. I didn’t like the pressure/caseload of private practice, but there wasn’t anything available part-time in public health. One of my friends had ‘liked’ TPC on Facebook so I went to see what it was all about and ended up joining the TPC family.

Being a part-timer meant that I had some great opportunities early on – I started doing Manual Handling training sessions with staff, which increased my confidence and communication skills. Catching up with my team leader regularly meant that I was well supported and my team leader was able to give me more opportunities to step up. I assisted with leading and prepping for our clinical meetings, as well as training other team members to do Manual Handling Training. When my team leader was planning to go on maternity leave, I put my hand up as someone who would like to take on her role while she was away, and now I’m 5 months into being a team leader and loving it! There are always opportunities to step up and try new things, both clinically and non-clinically at TPC, as we strive to ‘Find a Better way’.

Nancy Klinko, TPCer since 2011

‘As a new grad TPC is a great place to work and it allows you to challenge yourself, as it provides a supportive network of experienced staff, continual learning and professional development opportunities, great mentoring building on the core clinical and theoretical concepts learnt at university. Always full of new challenges, opportunities and ways to improve ourselves, the different roles of a TPC physio equip new grads with the skills to become a well rounded physiotherapist’.

Peter Karakoussis, TPCer since 2014

‘There is no need to sugarcoat how I feel as a grad at TPC. The great thing about the company is that EVERYONE is so genuine. There are no workplace politics. I feel respected and supported everyday. Although the work is challenging at times, I never feel like I am thrown in the deep end because everyone is so willing to listen and do everything they can to help.’

Diana Troung,TPCer since 2014

‘I love how I am free to grow as an independent and unique physio with TPC’

Alyssa Borja, TPCer since 2013

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