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If you caught our post on Saturday, you’ll know that The Physio Co’s TPC Swarm conference is the biggest annual event at The Physio Co and it’s on again this Friday.

TPC Swarm is for TPC team members only and it’s one of the few exciting times in the year that the entire TPC family gets together in one place.

But what exactly is it? And what might our team expect?

If you haven’t been before, TPC Swarm is one part professional development session, one part social event, and two parts celebration!

‘Swarm’ literally refers to what happens during this event, the TPC team ‘Swarms’ to Melbourne for a get-together. We’ve held this event for seven years running and it keeps getting better every year. At TPC, we work hard to help every team member grow and thrive. This event is aimed solely at making that happen.

At the event TPCers can expect the following:

  • A range of learning events & topics for them to learn and grow
  • Unparalleled opportunity to connect with TPC team mates
  • Core Values Awards announced for TPCers beautifully living our four Core Values
  • MVP of the Year Award announced (winner gets a $500 Red Balloon days Voucher!)
  • Plus plenty of great food and drinks!

Core values can be something that are easy to pay lip service to but difficult to practise day in and day out. Being a TPCer is a challenging job (particularly when working with the aged) and this event is about building camaraderie with colleagues, getting support and an influx of fresh energy.  And celebrating our core values in action.

As you likely already know, we have four core values at The Physio Co:

  • Respect everyone
  • Be memorable
  • Find a better way
  • Think big, act small

We really believe in these values, and our MVP awards are a reflection of this. Each core value will have a 2017 award winner announced in front of our entire team at TPC Swarm. These awards are brand new for 2017 and provide special recognition of TPCers who have done great jobs of living these values.

In addition to awarding our team for excellent work, TPC Swarm offers up the chance for learning sessions and continuing education. Past topics have ranged from clinical pilates for seniors to lymphatic drainage and managing pressure injuries.

This year some of the topics that will be addressed are Understanding Dementia: theory & practice for allied health professionals; TPC updates, and a special Culture Is Everything presentation from our CEO.

TPC Swarm is not just any conference, it’s a special day created by the TPC team, for the TPC team.  On Friday night, TPCers will leave the event feeling informed, better equipped to do their job, more connected to their team mates and inspired to help more seniors stay mobile, safe and happy. They’ll probably also be smiling and be completely exhausted!

TPCers: see you on Friday!

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