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We just wanted to stop for a moment and say thank to all of our TPC family members for attending Swarm, 2017! We are proud to have been able to bring everyone together from all over Australia for a day of fun, connection and learning.

As you know, Swarm is a unique opportunity to interact with other TPCers and we hope you walked away with some useful information and a smile too.

A few more thank yous are also in order. We’d like to give another moment of recognition to our 2017 special guest Fran Mcinerney. It was great having Fran speak this year and we can’t thank her enough!

Also, another shout out to our winners of the Swarm 2017 MVP awards!


  • MVP of the Year 2017 – Kathy Soo
  • MVP – Find a Better Way Award – Anushi Perera
  • MVP – Think Big, Act Small Award – Kathy Soo
  • MVP – Be Memorable Award – Brooke Cherubin
  • MVP – Respect Everyone Award – Angus Reckord


These TPCers exemplify what The Physio Co is all about, we’re so lucky to have them and are grateful for all their hard work!

Swarm 2018 is a long way off, but we plan to make it bigger and better than ever. As the TPC continues to grow we are considering opening the event up to the general public. If you have any friends or family members that may be interested in attending SWARM please email

Thank you again to everyone for being part of such a wonderful conference experience. There is nothing more powerful than when the TPC family comes together to share ideas, stories, and to celebrate our achievements. We are so happy to have you as part of the TPC family.

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