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Breathing is something that we tend not to think too much about, but the reality is that correct breathing techniques can do wonders for your physical health.

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, it’s important that we all take preventative health measures to make sure that we stay fit and strong for longer, rather than dealing with the symptoms as and when they come.

This is very relevant when it comes to knowing how to breathe correctly. Many recurring injuries such as neck and chest pains can be caused by having a poor breathing technique, and it can also increase the risk of chest infections.

Now, if you visit your local GP with these conditions, they’ll likely do a fantastic job of treating the symptoms; however, it’s less likely that they’ll uncover the real source of these often chronic problems.

A physio, on the other hand, is perfectly placed to assess your breathing patterns and therefore make an analysis of whether it could be related to regular pains you may be feeling. Our physios are trained in identifying incorrect breathing patterns, and linking this to chronic problems is always top of mind for them.

Once a physio has identified whether your breathing techniques are the root cause of your health problems, they can go about correcting that, showing you appropriate breathing rates, as well re-educating the body.

But breathing isn’t the only way you can tackle chronic pains. Another method we’ve found to be particularly effective is relaxation techniques, especially those linked to decreasing stress. By simply learning how to relax and take time out on a regular basis, your body learns to iron out tensions that can not only trouble you in your day-to-day life, but can also keep you awake at night as a result of restless sleep.

Many of the most effective relaxation techniques are around mindfulness and meditation, and we see fantastic results when people engage with them. In fact, group sessions that focus on yoga, Tai Chi and a host of relaxation methods work wonders.

The combination of learning correct breathing patterns and going to organised relaxation classes (such as those mentioned above) produces excellent results when it comes to preventative health. By finding a professional physio who can guide you through these different methods and offer advice and suggestions on steps you can take, you’ll not only feel the physical difference, but you’ll also feel mentally better too.

After all, much of preventative health techniques are around improving mental wellbeing as well as your physical. That way, you become fitter and stronger so that you can keep doing the things that you love, and you’ll have a great time going through the process as well.

Want to get started? The first order of business is to stop what you’re doing and take a few deep breaths.

The second order of business is to give us a call at 1300 797 793. Our professional physios can help you set up a mindfulness program, offer resources, answer questions and make sure that you’re on the right path.

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