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In previous articles, we’ve talked about the importance of having a strong culture in your business, and the benefits that a culture of innovation will bring to your organisation. And while these are pressing issues, there’s a topic at the core of both of them that we need to look at when thinking about how to build a smooth-running operation: team members.

As we’ve already explored, developing a strong culture within an organisation is a great way to grow your team in quality and quantity, improve alignment and improve customer satisfaction – but remember that all takes time. Also important to remember: culture is the responsibility of the business owner.

In this article, we’re going to be looking at three points to bear in mind when creating a happy team of employees all pulling in the same direction.


 Of course, we all know that everyone makes mistakes. It’s only human. However, this reality is sometimes lost on business owners. They’re too stressed to realise that mistakes happen and therefore lose their cool with team members.

The problem with blaming team members for making mistakes is that you create a tense environment. This ultimately results in an unhappy people who are, ironically, more likely to slip up in the future.

Instead, accept that bad things can happen from time to time, and ensure that team know that it’s not the end of the world. But, it’s best not to make the same mistake more than once!

At The Physio Co, we encourage our team members to share their mistakes. This way, we put in place honesty and openness as part of our company culture, and can work together as a team to improve our process so that everyone benefits.

Celebrating Wins

Just as important as making sure your team know that it’s okay to make mistakes, is to ensure their hard-work and victories (personal and professional) are celebrated.

You can do this by rewarding individuals for special achievements and milestones, but also don’t forget to reward the entire team for the company’s wins.

Next time you secure a big client or reach a certain goal, be sure to let everyone know and treat them to something meaningful. This way, they’ll feel the gratitude and understand that they’ve contributed to the company objectives as a whole, solidifying the sense of team in your business.

Being Personable

Above all else, you need to create an environment where communication is encouraged and team members feel comfortable knowing what their role in the company is and the direction it’s going in.

As the business owner, you can do this by holding regular meetings with your team, both one on one and team meetings.

The last thing you want is for your team to feel isolated and out of the loop, so keeping in regular contact is key to making them feel like they’re part of something larger.


These points really are important when building any business or team, and care for every member should never be underestimated. Remember, your people are the drive that push your company forward. They deal with customers and represent your brand on a daily basis. And if they’re not content in their work, that’s going to show. But if they love their work, then you’ll see the results across all levels of your business.

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