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Physiotherapy can improve mobility, balance, strength, relieve pain and make life much easier. All residents of aged care facilities are entitled to first class physiotherapy. However, the level of care and attention differs markedly between facilities. The Physio Co is bringing better services to all by creating happy customers in facilities throughout Australia.

A little extra care – making them feel great

Keeping your senior family member mobile and feeling great is what we do. We offer physio services beyond those included at your aged care facility. Getting a little extra weekly or fortnightly physio can make a huge difference to quality of life.

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Great Results

A typical TPC client includes “Betty”, an enthusiastic and very motivated 72 year old who had been immobile for 18 months following a fall. The fall led to Betty being admitted to a residential aged care facility. Fortnightly physiotherapy sessions along with a daily exercise program were undertaken over a 2 month period. “Betty” regained her mobility, confidence and big smile. She is now mobile in her room with her walking frame and achieved her goal of going home with her family for Christmas dinner. Without TPC’s help, “Betty” would likely have remained in her bed, much more dependent on others and infinitely less happy. The obvious question is how many “Betty’s” are there that The Physio Co is yet to help?

The Physio Co love to help Australian seniors. We have a strong culture around our caring core values. Our clients receive an exceptional service that enables them to stay mobile, safe and happy for as long as possible.

The Physio Co is committed to lasting relationships with reputable aged care providers. We are able to achieve our vision by working closely with seniors, aged care providers, nursing staff, clients and their caring families.

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