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As we age, our balance and mobility decreases, and the risk of falls or injury increases. So for many people, trying to decide whether they are still able to continue safely living in their home can be difficult, and the answer depends on the many variables of each individual situation. If you’re noticing that you’re beginning to become unsteady on your feet, but you aren’t yet ready to make the move to a retirement village, introducing physiotherapy into your life can help you maintain adequate fitness, prolong your health, reduce fall risk and continue your independence.

If you’re still capable of things like correctly handling your medications and doing your own toileting, and if you aren’t suffering from loss of memory or confusion, you are generally considered able to stay home. Another important factor is taking personal responsibility for your own health. It might be tempting to relax and take it easy, but neglecting physical health can lead to loss of mobility and self-sufficiency, and worsening of any pre-existing issues. It’s important to remember that as your abilities change, you must adapt by taking steps to stay as fit and able-bodied as possible.

Physiotherapy can be conducted within the comfort of your own home. Together, with a certified professional, you’ll be able to decide on some specific goals that you want to aim for, and work towards achieving them. Physio can help protect you against potential future accidents by teaching proper techniques and exercises that will help you address any issues you’re having or areas you’re struggling with. Sessions may consist of activities like stretching, strengthening and/or flexibility exercises, and practising movements that might challenge balance. Your physio might also suggest the use of walking aids, such as a frame or cane, that will enable you to move about your home just that little bit easier.

Physical activity is a central aspect of overall wellbeing. So, not only can physiotherapy restore and improve your fitness, it can also enhance the psychological, emotional and social aspects of your life. To get started with physiotherapy, you can benefit from asking among your friends and family whether they know someone who has been to a physiotherapist, or perhaps they have been to one themselves. If you think you or your loved one would benefit from physiotherapy, please call The Physio Co on 1300 797 793. We specialise in senior physiotherapy, and we would love to hear from you.

Nothing can stop the ageing process entirely, but taking certain steps towards maintaining your good health can reduce the negative impacts that are often experienced. Physiotherapy is a highly effective way to ensure you remain independent, and your life stays as enjoyable and as rich as possible.

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