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A lot of people aren’t aware that they’re entitled to far more out of their health insurance plan than they think. Most health insurance plans in Australia include physiotherapy packages, meaning that you could be missing out on working with a top physio with your health insurer contributing to the cost.

By working with a professional physio, you could relieve aches and pains, tackle chronic conditions, and start leading an all-round vital lifestyle.

Here are a few of the programmes and treatments you could already be entitled to:

  • One-on-one sessions with an expert physio to help improve mobility and fitness
  • Sessions to help re-educate the body and improve breathing patterns
  • Goal-orientated activities
  • Expert-led group sessions around fitness, health and relaxation

Contact your health insurance provider today to find out what you’re entitled to, but remember to act quickly as limits don’t roll over into the new year.

If you find out that your health insurer can contribute to the cost of physiotherapy sessions, then contact The Physio Co on 1300 797 793 to arrange a visit personalised to your needs.   

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