Focus, consistency and love: Why The Physio Co continues to thrive

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The Physio Co (TPC) turned 14 this year.

One of our core values, Be Memorable, guide us to ‘take the time to celebrate milestones & successes’, so naturally, we threw a party to celebrate the occasion!

This year, however, rather than hold one big party for the entire team, we staged a series of four smaller events with our team members (TPCers) around Australia.

Across a week in late January and early February, TPCers gathered in small and bigger groups at aged care facilities and retirement villages in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney for a learning event followed by a TPC birthday party.

At each party, we reflected on the years gone by, gazed into the future, presented some awards, had a laugh, a catch-up, sang happy birthday and ate cake. It was fantastic!

When I gave a quick birthday speech at one of the parties, something interesting happened.

As I was welcoming some new faces to the team, I looked towards the back of the room and caught the eye and a smile from one of TPC’s longest-serving physios, Shilpa (pictured left, above with her TPC team mate, Taruna).

Shilpa has been part of the TPC family for 13 of the 14 years that we’ve existed. She was one of the very first team members to join me when we were just getting started.

Thirteen years on, she is now one of almost 150 team members working at The Physio Co.

As I looked further around the room from Shilpa to other TPCers, I spotted team members who had been a part of the TPC family for:

  • 10+ years
  • 5+ years
  • 3+ years
  • 3+ weeks
  • -10 days (i.e future team members that were about to have their welcome day training and join the team – but were still a week away from being a TPCer!)

I continued my speech including an update on our Painted Picture Vision of 2018, and the latest news of our ‘TPC Tally’, that is, progress towards our 10-year obsession of delivering two million unique and memorable consultations to Australian seniors.

As I gave the speech and thanked everyone for their commitment to helping live our core purpose of helping seniors stay mobile, safe and happy, I thought to myself:

‘I wonder how many times Shilpa has heard this similar and consistent message over 13 years as a TPCer?’

Over her 13 years with The Physio Co, Shilpa must have read, heard, typed, written and spoken our core purpose – The Physio Co exists to help seniors stay mobile, safe and happy – at least 1000-2000 times. She has probably heard it 1000 times just from me!

As far as contributing to our 10-year obsession, Shilpa is likely to have delivered more than 15,000 of those unique and memorable consultations. A terrific achievement!

As I finished my speech and started singing happy birthday to us (TPC!), I couldn’t help but look back at Shilpa and all the other TPC team members and be thankful for their loyalty, focus and love as we continue to grow our team.

Rigorous recruitment process

At The Physio Co, we are not only committed to showing more love through a rhythm of celebration, we are also committed to a rigorous recruitment process to find new team members.  The reason? We want to make sure successful new TPCers are suited to growing their careers in a way that also helps our organisation to grow.

In short, we want to find new team members who can align their own personal and professional goals with TPC’s goals. Because, with an aligned team, together we can improve seniors’ healthcare forever.

Our focus, consistency and discipline ensure we welcome the right people to the family and, who knows, they might end up staying long enough to hear our core purpose as many times as Shilpa!

Are you a future TPCer?  Do you know a future TPCer? 

We are always on the lookout for new physios and occupational therapists with a passion to help seniors stay mobile, safe and happy.

[This article was written by Tristan White, Founder & CEO of The Physio Co.]


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