Celebrating the TPC ‘Core Values Awards’ winners 2018

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The Physio Co’s core value of ‘Be Memorable’ guides us to take the time to celebrate milestones and successes.  

At our recent TPC Swarm 2018 conference, the biggest event on the TPC calendar, our Most Valuable Person (MVP) of the year award was announced. This is an example of a big award and a big opportunity to celebrate.

So, it’s with great pleasure to announce that Mike Quinn (pictured above), is the winner of TPC’s MVP of the Year 2018 award.

A bit about Mike

A physiotherapy graduate of the York St. John University in England, Mike has been part of the growing TPC family for four years.

In those four years, Mike has worked as a hands-on therapist helping senior clients stay mobile, safe and happy in aged care homes, retirement villages and peoples’ own homes. He’s also been the Team Leader for our growing team in South Australia, and most, recently he’s joined The Physio Co’s Senior Leadership as ‘The Ops Guy’ – responsible for delivery of our clinical services.

Along with his work at TPC, Mike is a committed husband, dad and triathlete.

How Mike won MVP of the Year 2018

Mike was named MVP of the Year 2018 after being nominated for living our ‘Find a Better Way’ core value by fellow TPCer, Jess Donsen.

Jess nominated Mike because his actions showed that ‘we are committed to constantly improving: personally and collectively’ by working super-hard on a technology project that immediately helped over 140 TPCers do their jobs more effectively and indirectly improving the service TPC can deliver to thousands of senior clients.

The project was the transition of TPC’s client-facing thearpy team to the cloud-based practice management system, Cliniko.

In presenting Mike with the award, CEO of The Physio Co, Tristan White, said: “As part of the month-long initial Cliniko setup job that Mike led, he also created our new client journey tracker.  While it’s still early days, having 150 clients loaded into the tracker is the starting point of how we can help more seniors achieve their specific goals to stay mobile, safe and happy wherever they call home.”

A HUGE congratulations to Mike Quinn!

PHOTO: From left, Kate Fricker, Ash Wilkes, Mike Quinn & Shilpa Parekh

Three other Core Values award winners were also announced at TPC Swarm 2018. These were:


Respect Everyone Award – We are generous with our time to help others

Shilpa Parekh (nominated by Sarah Lee)

Shilpa is always very generous with her time and wisdom. In her nomination, Sarah wrote:

“As a new TPCer, I’ve had quite a few moments of challenge/’what do I do with this’ situations. Shilpa, as my Team Leader, is always so lovely, calm and forever patient – asking me whether I’d like to call her and discuss.

“Shilpa is the mother duck of our team and looks after all of us, and we can always go to her for anything, clinical and even non-clinical questions and problems, at anytime. She is such a blessing! Thank you Shilpa for not only respecting each and every one of us, but treating us with such love and care.

“Thank you for being so generous with your time, and being so willing to share – and for being such a great mentor and role model to look up to!”

Think Big Act Small Award – We are always prepared to ‘give it a go’

Ash Wilkes (nominated by Helen Edd)

As a recently graduate physio and brand new TPC team member, Ash bravely put her hand up and volunteered to move from Melbourne to Cairns for a 3-month far north Queensland adventure at two aged care homes that needed a regular physio

As a result, there are close to 250 aged care residents in Cairns that have received a consistent, memorable service from TPOC, thanks to Ash Wilkes. Love your work Ash 🙂

Be Memorable Award – We make people smile with our personal and understanding approach  

Kate Fricker (nominated by Claire Souter)

Kate, a TPC physio, had been working with her client, Dot, at an aged care facility for quite a while.  Regular physio treatments had been happening to help Dot stay as mobile, safe and happy as she could.

One day, during a physio session, Dot wasn’t very well, and was thinking ahead to what could be the future.  Kate could tell Dot was doing it tough and decided to ask Dot about her goal they’d been working towards.

“Dot, what’s the first thing you’ll do when you get home?” Kate asked.

“I’ll have a cup of tea and a crumpet on my front verandah,” said Dot, with a smile.

A short while later, Dot peacefully passed away. 

To remember Dot and pass on the special moment that they had shared, Kate bought a packet of crumpets and some tea bags. She knew she would be seeing Dot’s daughter at least one more time, so she went out of her way to give the crumpets and teabags to her daughter.

Kate explained Dot’s goal and asked her daughter if she would take a moment to have a cuppa and crumpet, at home on the verandah, to honour Dot.

The daughter loved it. Kate loved it.  And we’re sure Dot would have loved it too!

PHOTO: We love our group hugs here at The Physio Co!


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