Core Values - The Physio Co

Core Values

The Physio Co exists for a very simple purpose:
we love to help seniors stay mobile, safe & happy.

We are a values-driven organisation – our values are what set us apart from others and provide guidance for making decisions every day. The Physio Co will achieve our goals by consistently living by our values. Any decision, problem or issue is answered by referring to our values.

Core Values (What’s important to us)

Respect everyone

We understand that a small thing on our list of priorities may be the ONLY thing that matters to an elderly client.

  • We are always on time
  • We always do what we say we will do
  • We always communicate in clear, concise and honest ways
  • We are generous with our time to help others


Be memorable

We set high standards, have great attention to detail and like to impress.

  • We are friendly and make positive first impressions
  • We make people smile with our personal and understanding approach
  • We take the time to celebrate milestones and successes
  • We wow people whenever possible

Find a better way

Complacency is not our thing.

  • We always search for new ways that help our clients, customers and team members
  • We are committed to constantly improving: personally & collectively
  • We inspire others by continually finding a better way


Think big, act small

We are David, not Goliath.

  • We are always prepared to ‘give it a go’
  • We are nimble, flexible and easy going.
  • We always ask: “what can I do next?”
  • We all help to achieve our painted picture of the future
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