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The Physio Co team is forever looking for opportunities to celebrate milestones and successes.  Our Most Valuable Person (MVP) of the year award is one of those opportunities – it’s also our biggest and most exciting award!

At our TPC Swarm conference last week, the biggest TPC award of them all was announced. Nominated by Rach Maher, Kathy Soo, our amazing Team Leader for Geelong, is the winner of TPC’s MVP of the Year 2017 award for living the TPC core value of think big, act small.

Think Big, Act Small

When it comes to thinking big and acting small at The Physio Co, it means we are nimble, flexible and easy going. We’re always willing to give things a ‘go’, and never stop asking ‘what I can do next’?

Through her work, Kathy has proven to be a master at all these things, but she didn’t just stop there, which is why she is the richly deserving winner of this award!


A bit more about Kathy


A graduate (with distinction) of the University of Sydney, Kathy has been with the TPC family for almost four years. In that time she’s built up a great reputation for her hard work, professionalism, and enthusiasm. But what made her so deserving of special recognition is explained through this short story as told by Kathy’s team mate, Rach.


Kathy’s work with Linda


One of Kathy’s clients, Linda, first arrived at one of the aged care homes that Kathy works at in May last year after being in hospital for six weeks, following a fall at her home. When Linda moved into the aged care home, she needed help from two carers and a standing lifter to get in and out of her bed or chair. She was completely unable to walk. Linda was a bit shaken, low in confidence and understandably feeling down on her luck at this stage. Kathy first started working with Linda as her physiotherapist soon after Linda moved into the home. Together they set some goals to improve the way Linda could move and walk. Then they got moving on weekly physio treatment sessions to improve Linda’s strength, walking and confidence.

For a start, the sessions were tough going as Linda had arthritis-related pain, and was highly anxious about having another fall. Linda says that Kathy made her ‘feel comfortable’ and helped her push through her fear.

One of Linda’s main goals was to spend Christmas at home. Kathy and Linda worked hard to achieve this goal. And, last Christmas, Linda went home for the day in a maxi taxi to have Christmas with her family. Her goal had come true!


More progress for Linda


Linda is now able to walk more than 50m in the aged care home including down to the dining room with her walking frame to have lunch with her mates. She is now working with another TPC physio, Nicki, to help achieve her next goal of being able to get in and out of a car.

Kathy’s efforts working with Linda have transformed her. Together they were able to get out of an unfortunate situation and on a path toward continued independence and health. Today Linda is proud of her recovery, she feels more confident and her quality of life is immeasurably higher – she’s rediscovered her big smile!

Kathy has done a brilliant job of living TPC’s think big, act small core value that has helped Linda become more mobile, safe and happy. That’s why Kathy Soo is TPC’s MVP of the Year for 2017.


Huge congratulations to Kathy Soo!!

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